Chess tournaments at 6/2020

21.6.2020, 51375 Leverkusen (GER), 6. Interkulturelles Schnellschachturnier Europäischer Schachpokal Leverkusen 2020
Our chessclub continues to work for the peaceful coexistence of cultures and international understanding. That is why, after a new record participation of 90 chess friends in 2019, we will again be holding our intercultural rapid chess tournament in 2020. The announcement has been on our homepage since the beginning of December. Registrations are possible online on our homepage or by email to the tournament director. 7 rounds Swiss system are played with a time limit of 15 minutes per player / game. Entry fee: 8 euros for adults; 6.- Euro for youth (born after December 31, 2001) The winner receives a trophy and all participants receive a non-cash prize.
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