5e Festival de Tournois Fermés de l

Datum: 24. - 28.7.2019
Místo: METZ (FRA)
Popis: Welcome to Metz, east of France for a serie of 10 players close tournaments by ratings! Each player faces 9 opponents with a similar rating, a alternative formula in comparison to Open tournaments. All information via this link : https://www.festival-efemetz.fr/ Time control will be 1h30+ 30 seconds per move for the whole game, and top 3 of each tournament will earn 50, 100 and 150 euros. The first group will be an IM norm event on invitation, then a amateur group composed by 10 players rated around 2100-2300, then 1900-2100... up to the last group (1000-1200). Around 150 players coming from more than 12 countries are expected!
Kontakt: Marwan BRION, director of the tournament by email : marwan.brion@gmail.com
E-mail: inscriptions@festival-efemetz.fr
Web: http://www.festival-efemetz.fr/information-in-english

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