15ème Festival International de Dieppe

Datum: 24. - 31.8.2019
Místo: Dieppe (Normandie) (FRA)
Popis: Grand Prix A "Duchess De Berry" (more than 1900 elo) The players classified between 1900 and 2000 elo choose between Grand Prix and Turrets Tournament B " Turrets " (less than 2000 elo and without lower limit) The classified players less than 1500 elo Choose between Turrets and Vikings Tournament C " The Vikings " (on 1500 elo) Ideal for the young people and the non-classified players Tournament of Kings + 50 years Open of the coast of Albatre (open Parallel) rounds in the morning
Kontakt: Olivier Delabarre 0033616212477 https://festival.echiquier-dieppois.net
E-mail: delabarre.o@wanadoo.fr

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